Lego Creator: Brick Bank (Set 10251)

Hello everyone and welcome to another Lego set review! Today we are looking at a grand building design, something much more impressive than your average Lego set and much more expensive too, the Brick Bank!

This set, part of Lego’s modular design range, comprises of 2380 pieces which is a lot of work to put together but lots of fun and it looks great as you complete each stage of its construction and even more so once finished.


Stage 1, as you can see, does not have a massive amount to look at but the tile layout looks nice and the bank vault opens and closes which is pretty neat.

Stage 2 however is entirely different, the level 1 facade looks the part and was not difficult to put together, just time consuming. A little laundry on the side of the of the building is a nice addition and there are even little washing machines inside.

Stage 3 adds the second story to the building (and a nice clock outside) which comprises of a couple of office areas, one of which also has a fire place built into it, awesome!

Stage 4 adds all the finishing touches (and a roof! who would’ve thought?) including a nice rooftop which I didn’t photograph (d’oh!), a tree out front and a park bench with lamppost on the laundry side.

Overall a magnificent Lego building with lots of design elements that can be used in other builds or left as is, the Brick Bank is a nice piece of Lego history and one that will be appreciated by fans and collectors alike for years to come.


Glenn Stuart Tucker

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