Open letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

Approximately one hour ago I applied to be a part of your affiliate program, this is no great secret. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my disappointment that nowhere on that form was there a place asking why you should be a part of it.

So I thought I’d give my reasoning in this letter in the hope that when one of your representatives reviews my application and (hopefully) views my site, the following message will be seen and taken into consideration.

I, like so many others, have been a supporter of Apple and its products for a very long time. My first Apple product was an iPod Nano, 4th generation I believe it was. I had decided to purchase one after seeing a friend using one of the devices and needless to say I was very impressed having previously owned a cheap and relatively useless MP3 player.

From that very first purchase my passion for Apple and its products grew, I have never been someone you would call wealthy but I always saved up and bought when I could and felt it was something I could use well. The iPod touch was what came next for me, which I simply loved – it was a kind of technology I had never experienced before and was blown away by just how much it could do but things didn’t stop there! The iPad was something (admittedly) that I did not take to, at least not at first, generation one just couldn’t sway me but generation two had me hooked. I told anyone who would listen how great it was, in fact since I bought it I don’t think a single day has gone by where I haven’t picked up an iPad at least once and it makes me wonder how I lived without it before.

Today I own an iPad Pro (which I am using to write this), an iMac with Retina display, an Apple TV 1st and 2nd generation, an iPhone 8 and an Apple Watch 2nd generation.

I know Apple is a huge company and whether or not you guys choose to accept me as an affiliate or not will probably make little difference to you. It will make a big difference to me, I’d love to write reviews on your products and tell people what I love about them, what I don’t like about them and why they should have them. Honesty is a big thing for me, especially in product review but if I’m going to tell people about your products and tell them how great they are I also believe I deserve (however small) a slice of the pie, from you well because it’s ultimately making your company money and people who read my posts will appreciate my honesty in helping them make an informed purchase. Who knows, you might just get a few more Apple fan boys and girls that you love.


Glenn Stuart Tucker

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