Lego Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Microfighter

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post that’s not a movie review (yay!), but it’s not a tech related or even a gaming related post. As you can surely tell from the title this is Lego post and no, nothing custom, just a little kit that anyone can buy and put together just for the fun of it.

The Millennium Falcon Microfighter is small kit as far as Lego builds go with around 92 pieces but has pretty decent details for its size and while it does not take long to put together given the scope of it, it is enjoyable nonetheless. Also it is worth noting that this kit comes with a Chewbacca mini figure and although I would have preferred a Han Solo or better yet, both, I am still happy to see one included.

Here are a few photos of the model in various stages of construction:

And here are the photos of the completed model:

As always folks, if you’re feeling generous or just want to buy some Lego, clicking the link in this post and purchasing off Amazon will earn me a little commission and help me to make content in the future so if you do decide to buy you have my thanks and appreciation.


Glenn Stuart Tucker

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