Taken, released in 2008 and starring Liam Neeson, is the story of Bryan Mills a former CIA operative who is on a mission to rescue his only daughter after she was kidnaped in Paris by Albanian sex traffickers.

The action and suspense in this film is very engaging, edge-of-your-seat like and more or less non-stop, something I generally don’t like in a film but needless to say to anyone who has seen it, it worked well in this case.

You just can’t stop watching Liam Neeson kick some serious butt, even though the combination of martial arts and gunfire has been done to death in many action films. The whole vengeance vibe his character has going along with the captivating storyline, makes it more than entertaining and it’s worth noting it doesn’t bore on subsequent viewings. All in all a great flick.

As always folks, if you’re feeling generous or just want to see the film, clicking the link in this post and purchasing off Amazon will earn me a little commission and help me to make content in the future so if you do decide to buy you have my thanks and appreciation.


Glenn Stuart Tucker

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