Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of Star Wars, so I figure what better way to kick things off than to post a review of the 7th instalment in the Star Wars franchise.

I decided to go with the 7th here only because the 8th film has only recently been shown in cinemas and I wanted to lay down a little ground work before I sink my teeth into that film and anyway, it will all make sense when you read about the 8th film, especially once you’ve seen it.

So back to the task at hand, Star Wars: The Force Awakens the seventh Star Wars film and the first to be realised by Disney since acquiring the rights to the franchise  is everything you’d expect from a Star Wars film. There’s plenty of action, a little drama and of course lightsaber fights!

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the film yet, please be advised there are some spoilers from here on.

The film, great as I think it was, probably focussed a little too much on developing the “shiny new” characters while still trying to incorporate the old favourites and the storyline very much reminded me (and a great deal of other Star Wars fans alike) of Star Wars: A New Hope. It was after all based on a desert planet, the main protagonist being an orphan and the big bad Empire *cough* I mean First Order has a planet destroyer that just has to be stopped before the end of the movie or we shan’t get a sequel.

That being said you’d almost think I didn’t like it, but despite those similarities however overall I found the film to be enjoyable and certainly nostalgic whether that was director J.J. Abrams intent or not. He did do an excellent job of reviving the franchise much like he did for the Star Trek.

So if you’ve not seen the film I do recommend seeing it, admittedly I enjoyed it enough to see it twice in cinemas something I had not done previously nor done since, so give it a crack and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Well that about wraps things up folks, if you’re feeling generous or just want to see the film or a New Hope for that, clicking the links in this post and purchasing them off Amazon will earn me a little commission and help me to make content in the future so if you do decide to buy you have my thanks and appreciation.

Glenn Stuart Tucker

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